Make a well-informed decision about selling your IFA business

Alan Hudson

"For the past ten years, I've been meeting with advisers who are thinking of selling their business. Some have found their way to us directly, others have been introduced through brokers, but whatever  route they've taken, I've noticed a common theme: vendors are often confused and misinformed about what selling an IFA business entails.

The complexities around selling your IFA business are plentiful, and there is much to consider. From tax implications to business integration, and the many different ways a deal can be structured, all represent potential pitfalls for the uninformed seller.

With this in mind, we've created the Sell an IFA destination to help you navigate the process of selling your business with ease. Whether you're thinking of moving to a larger firm or just want a smooth exit from the industry, it pays to be informed. We're happy to pass on what we've learned in the hope that you can benefit, too." – Alan Hudson, Founder and CEO, AFH Financial Group

Things to consider when selling your IFA business:

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What our advisers say about us

“AFH was far and away the most attractive proposition, both for me and for our clients.”– Jan McDonald

“I believe my clients will get an enhanced level of service, now that I can call on the in-house expertise of the whole AFH group. The significantly larger back-up resources in AFH will allow me to spend less time on the computer and more time with my clients.” ; John Walpole

“Having joined AFH, I have found all the staff very helpful and willing to show me the new processes. They have made the transition from owning a company to working with AFH a much easier one.”– Kevin Hobbs

"My clients are happy in the knowledge that a professional investment team are regularly reviewing and monitoring their portfolios, with regular reporting in place for them. This leaves me with more time to consider other areas of business." - Andrew Bandura

“I wanted a compelling client proposition that provided our clients with something over and above what we were able to provide previously.” – Andrew Smith