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AFH Commercial & General is part of AFH Financial Group Plc., one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing wealth management firms, with a well-earned reputation for putting its clients first. AFH is listed on AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s international market for growing companies, and has more than £5 billion in funds under management. 

Our track record speaks for itself, and we bring the same expertise and experience to the world of commercial insurance that we have to the world of wealth management. That means no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and no unnecessary complications. We’ll pour all our resources into understanding your business’s specific needs, and bring you the best insurance solutions to match your requirements.

Picking the right insurance for your business.

Deciding which lines of cover to provide for your business is important. At AFH, we can assess your exposure to a variety of risks and advise you accordingly, ensuring that you purchase the right policy for your needs. Here, you’ll find some examples that might be suitable:

Commercial property

Most businesses own physical assets – such as buildings, tools, machinery, stock, fixtures and fittings – and commercial property insurance is the best way to protect it from a wide variety of risks.

Employers liability

You have a legal liability in the event that any employee suffers injury in your workplace. Employers Liability covers you in the event that an employee suffers injury or illness as a result of carrying out their duties at work.

Public & products liability

Protecting your employees in the event of injury may not be enough. If non-employees visit your business, then it is important to cover the risk of third-party damages to your property, and the possibility that visitors could get injured as a result of your business’s activities.

Management liability

If you are a partner, director, or officer of a company, then you have certain responsibilities to employees, investors, regulators and members of the public. And, as a result, you are personally liable for any errors or omissions made in your performance of company duties. Management liability protects you in the event of claims that result from this dereliction of duty, which could otherwise lead to fines, compensation, or imprisonment.

Professional indemnity

If you provide advice or professional services to clients, then you are strongly advised to carry Professional Indemnity cover. This type of insurance can protect your business by providing for compensation claims and legal fees that might arise if a client experiences financial or professional loss due to negligence as a result of your business activities.

Business interruption

This type of cover can protect your business in the event that it suffers a sudden interruption in trading due to an insured incident relating to property covers (for example, a fire at your premises). In that eventuality, you will suffer a loss of income. Business Interruption cover is the easiest and most comprehensive way to protect against that loss of income.

Commercial vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides cover for a vehicle that your business uses for commercial purposes, such as a van or company car. It includes coverage for the transport of a business’s own goods, as well as Hire and Reward use, meaning the transportation of others’ goods for payment.

Fleet insurance

If your business owns multiple vehicles, you will want to consider fleet insurance. This provides one policy for all of your vehicles, which leads to less administration (you can renew all your company cars or trucks on a single date, and only need one claims contract). It also allows for greater flexibility, letting you add and remove vehicles easily during the course of the policy and not requiring you to name individual drivers for each vehicle.

Motor trade

This type of insurance product is industry-specific to the auto trade. It provides coverage for anyone who runs a business that involves vehicles like cars, motorbikes, vans or buses. That could be the buying and selling of vehicles at dealerships, offering repair services at a garage, a valeting business, or anything else where the product or service on offer concerns vehicles.


This form of cover protects landlords from the risks associated with owning rental properties. In addition to buildings and contents insurance, which is usually included in products such as these, it may include particular types of coverage specifically applicable to landlords. Examples of the latter include property owners’ liability, loss of rent, and tenant default insurance.

Business travel

Many businesses require owners and employees to travel on a regular or semi-regular basis. If your company has such requirements, then purchasing an insurance product that provides protection for travel undertaken for commercial purposes (such as ticket-loss due to air-travel cancellations) is a highly recommended move.

A professional service with flexible costs

All of AFH’s Commercial & General services are fully bespoke, and designed to the individual needs of your business. As a result, the cost of these services is similarly bespoke, and will be discussed before the commencement of any agreement. 

Terms of Business Agreement - Commercial Customers

Terms of Business Agreement - Consumers


Protecting your life beyond business

As a business owner, you will require coverage that protects what you’ve earned under non-commercial policies. That might be as simple as home or travel insurance, or – if your business has been very successful – you may be eligible for High Net Worth products offered exclusively to private clients beyond a certain wealth threshold.

Home insurance

Insuring your home and its contents is an absolute necessity. We can provide you with cover against accidental damage, legal expense cover, buildings and contents cover, landlords insurance, and specialist risk options.

Travel Insurance

The vast majority of travel insurance plans offer cover against problems like trip cancellation, interruption, and delay, as well as the loss of luggage, and travel-specific forms of medical cover and evacuation.

High net worth insurance

High Net Worth Insurance is a collective term for a wide range of products that cater to individuals with high-value homes and possessions, such as prestige cars, expensive antiques, jewellery or overseas properties. It also includes special types of cover that apply to, for example, luxury travel for personal or business purposes.

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