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If you have investments, they may well be ‘housed’ on what’s called an investment ‘platform’. And you could be paying heavily – and unnecessarily – for that. On an initial investment of £200,000, over 15 years, assuming a growth rate of 5% a year, for example, your investment returns could be reduced by an average* of £1,235 each year due to platform fees.

*Based on 0.30% weighted average adviser platform fee in 2016 from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Investment Platforms Market Study Interim Report 2018. Investment growth rates are subject to change.

How much you could save?

Use our calculator below to find out how much better off you could be compared to your current provider. The future values calculated are based on the initial investment amount, term and growth rate you choose, less platform fees.

Over 15 years you could be £ better off with AFH
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Find out what that means for your own investments: I've got £ in an investment with earning an expected annual return of 5%
What you need to know

The calculator takes into account standard platform fees only. Other charges may apply. Data correct as at 20 August 2018. If you choose unknown or multiple providers this is calculated at an average adviser platform fee of 0.30% (FCA Investment Platforms Market Study). This calculator is a guide only and you should confirm full charges with your current provider before making any decisions.

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Switch to using an AFH independent financial adviser and we won’t charge you any platform fees if you move to the AFH platform. Because at AFH, we believe quality investment solutions shouldn’t cost the earth.

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The suitability of an investment is based on individual circumstances and you should always receive advice before proceeding with any course of action.

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