Retirement planning can be complex. Whether you’re saving for retirement or planning your post-retirement strategy, an independent financial adviser at AFH can help.

By assessing your needs, personal circumstances and most importantly your objectives, an adviser can walk you through each stage of your retirement journey, helping you to make decisions that will maximise your savings, and thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

Tailored to your needs

Not one plan fits all, that’s why an adviser will take the time to assess your personal circumstances and understand your goals and objectives for retirement. With this in mind, we’ll deliver a retirement plan built around your specific needs.

We understand that life circumstances can change; an independent financial adviser will review and revise your retirement plan periodically so that you remain on track. Be it switching investment strategy or changing an investment wrapper, whatever changes are required our in-house experts, along with your adviser, will guide you through the process and handle the paperwork for you.

The best possible solutions

Saving may seem pretty simple, yet with so many options, it can start to feel like a minefield. From providers and wrappers, to assets and investment risk, there’s plenty to consider. A financial adviser can take away the hard work by using knowledge and expertise to find the best possible solution for you. Being independent means an AFH adviser is able to search the whole of the market and is not restricted to certain products or providers, allowing us to create a retirement plan to meet your goals.

Calculating your pot

Although an important factor, your authorised pension plans are not the only investments that will see you through the various retirement phases. You may have other assets such as ISAs, shares, a second property and cash, or you could be the beneficiary of a trust. Seeking professional financial advice could help you to make the most of your assets, giving you an overview of your finances and in-turn a better idea of how much you can expect to receive at retirement, in comparison with your targets.

Managing your income

You’ve worked hard to build up the investments and other income that will be available to you at retirement, and it’s now important to ensure you get the most out of it. Choosing how much, and where you’re going to draw your pension from is an important decision and will affect how much you receive as net income, as well as how long your funds will last.

It’s crucial that you clearly understand all of your options in each retirement phase, as the method that is best for you is going to depend on a number of personal circumstances. An adviser can guide you through this process and help you to maintain an income that will see you through each stage of your retirement journey.

You can find out more about pensions here, or download our basic guide. To learn more about your income options once you have reached retirement, visit our retirement options page, or call us to speak to an independent financial adviser. 

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