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As part of the advice process, our advisers guide you for the best investment decisions for your future.

General investment account (GIA)

A GIA doesn’t come with tax-free benefits, but it can provide a flexible vehicle for a range of investments.

Stocks and shares ISA

A stocks and shares ISA is an tax-efficient investment account that lets you put money into a range of investments.

Cash ISA

A cash ISA is an individual savings account that pays tax-free interest on your savings.

Enterprise investment scheme (EIS)

Designed to help new companies raise finance, an EIS offers generous tax benefits*.

Venture capital trust (VCT)

A VCT invests directly into high-risk stock and also offers generous tax benefits*.

Self-invested personal pension (SIPP)

A SIPP lets you make your own investment decisions, while offering the same tax benefits as a standard personal pension.

Small self-administered pension (SSAS)

A SSAS is a pension trust set up by a limited company or a partnership for the benefit of company directors or senior employees.

Offshore bonds

An offshore bond is an investment ‘wrapper’ or ‘structure’ set up by a life insurance company. This is usually outside of the UK, in a tax-favourable area.


A trust allows you to pass on money and other assets in a tax-efficient way.

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