Final Results18/01/2021
Notice to CULS holders
Pre-close Trading Update and Notice of Results
Historical related party transaction13/11/2020
Exercise of Options02/11/2020 
Change of Adviser29/10/2020 
Trading Update30/09/2020 
Redemption of Unsecured Bonds14/09/2020 
Notice to CULS Holders28/08/2020 
Exercise of Options03/08/2020 
Holding(s) in Company11/06/2020
Interim Results01/06/2020 
Notice to CULS Holders29/05/2020
Exercise of Options01/05/2020 
Repurchase of CULS
Director/PDMR Shareholding23/03/2020
Result of AGM06/03/2020 
AGM Statement06/03/2020 
Conversion of Securities03/03/2020 
Director/PDMR Dealing02/03/2020 
Exercise of Options02/03/2020
Exercise of Options 05/02/2020
Sale of Treasury Shares and Total Voting Rights
Exercise of Options03/02/2020 
Correction of AGM Date30/01/2020 
Holding(s) in Company
Holding(s) in Company
Director/PDMR Shareholding
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM
Dividend dates correction
Full Year Results
Notice to CULS holders
Exercise of Options 26/11/2019
Grant of Options19/11/2019
Holding(s) in Company18/11/2019 
Holding(s) in Company18/11/2019
Holding(s) in Company12/11/2019 
Trading Update11/11/2019 
Acquisition of the Assets of Groom Associates LLP04/11/2019 
Exercise of Options 01/11/2019
Business Update30/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company27/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company
Director/PDMR Shareholding
Acquisition of Broadleaf Financial Services18/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company
Holding(s) in Company
Completion of acquisitions
Holding(s) in Company12/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company06/08/2019 
Exercise of Options01/08/2019 
Result of GM
Successful Placing of CULS12/07/2019 
Proposed Conditional Placing28/06/2019 
Half-year Report
Exercise of Options02/05/2019
Appointment of Joint Broker12/04/2019 
Director Disclosure29/03/2019 
Treasury Shares06/03/2019 
Exercise of Options
Result of AGM
AGM Statement01/03/2019 
Investor Conference Call28/02/2019 
Notice of Investor Conference Call
Exercise of Options04/02/2019 
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM
Full Year Results
Acquisition of Hayburn Rock Group Limited14/01/2019
Exercise of Options04/01/2019 
Redemption of Loan Notes and Exercise of Warrants
Acquisition of CWP Financial Services13/11/2018 
Trading Update12/11/2018
Director/PDMR Shareholding
Acquisition of Premier Wealth Management Harrogate02/11/2018 
Exercise of Options01/11/2018
Holding(s) in Company 23/10/2018
Holding(s) in Company23/10/2018 
Holding(s) in Company22/10/2018 
Grant of Options 19/10/2018 
Completion of Placing16/10/2018
Proposed Placing16/10/2018 
Holding(s) in Company02/10/2018 
Acquisition of Core Financial Holdings Limited01/10/2018 
Aquisition of Assets25/09/2018
Aquisition of the Assets of Emery Little24/09/2018 
Funds Under Management Exceed £4bn19/09/2018
Acquisition of HTH (Group) Limited28/08/2018
Acquisition of the assets of Harvey Curtis LLP23/08/2018
Exercise of Options07/08/2018
Holding(s) in Company03/08/2018
Exercise of Options31/07/2018
Results for the six months ended 30 April 201804/06/2018
Aquisition of the assets of Meritor Limited21/05/2018
Exercise of Options01/05/2018
Acquisition of Assets09/04/2018
Holding(s) in Company12/03/2018
Result of AGM02/03/2018
AGM Statement02/03/2018
Director/PDMR Shareholding12/02/2018
Issue of Deferred Consideration05/02/2018
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM02/02/2018 
Exercise of Options01/02/2018
Preliminary Results29/01/2018
Holdings in Company18/12/2017
Result of General Meeting04/12/2017
Exercise of Options28/11/2017
Grant of Options16/11/2017
Completion of Placing15/11/2017
Proposed Placing15/11/2017
Trading update06/11/2017
Exercise of Options03/11/2017
Issue of Deferred Consideration06/09/2017
Exercise of Options02/08/2017
Further Acquisitions01/08/2017
Issue of Equity06/06/2017
Results for the six months ended 30 April 201705/06/2017
Issue of Equity19/05/2017
Exercise of Options03/05/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
Result of General Meeting10/04/2017
Holding(s) in Company05/04/2017
Holding(s) in Company05/04/2017
Completion of Placing20/03/2017
Proposed Placing20/03/2017
Deferred Consideration10/03/2017
Result of AGM03/03/2017
AGM Statement03/03/2017
Acquisition of Bay Financial Management Limited21/02/2017
Director Shareholding and Grant of Options03/02/2017
Exercise of Options03/02/2017
Acquisition of Assets01/02/2017
Full year results for period ending 31 Oct 201630/01/2017
Acquisition of the assets of David Rushden Associates Limited07/12/2016
Trading Update14/11/2016
Exercise of Options01/11/2016
Treasury Shares17/10/2016
Acquisition of assets of CRS Financial Planning03/10/2016
Treasury Shares09/09/2016
Exercise of Options01/08/2016
Results for the six months ended 30 April 201629/06/2016
Change of Nominated Adviser and Broker23/06/2016
Trading update and notice of results01/06/2016
Total Voting Rights29/04/2016
Transaction in Own Shares26/04/2016
Exercise of Options25/04/2016
Statement re Possible Offer for Lighthouse Group23/03/2016
Rule 2.10 Announcement17/03/2016
Response to Indicative Offer and Rule 2.10 announcement17/03/2016
Approach to Lighthouse Group plc17/03/2016
Result of AGM03/03/2016
AGM Statement03/03/2016
Total Voting Rights29/02/2016
Grant of Options16/02/2016
Exercise of Options12/02/2016
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM28/01/2016
Grant of Options27/01/2016
Final Results25/01/2016
Total Voting Rights31/12/2015
Result of GM & Fundraising Update23/12/2015
Proposed fundraising to raise up to £6.50 million09/12/2015
Issue of Deferred Consideration01/12/2015
Trading Update09/11/2015
Total Voting Rights30/10/2015
Exercise of Options21/10/2015
Directorate Change02/10/2015
Result of General Meeting22/09/2015
Notice of GM and share buyback04/09/2015
Total Voting Rights01/09/2015
Directorate Change01/09/2015
Exercise of Options26/08/2015
Acquisition of Davisons Financial Management06/08/2015
Half Yearly Report29/07/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding and Holdings in Company05/06/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding28/05/2015
Placing to raise £750,000 and acquisition update28/05/2015
Result of AGM23/04/2015
AGM Statement23/04/2015
Acquisition of Clarendon Financial Solutions Limited02/04/2015
Total Voting Rights01/04/2015
Exercise of Options01/04/2015
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM19/03/2015
Final Results16/03/2015
Acquisition of CIB Wealth Management LLP02/03/2015
Total Voting Rights27/02/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding10/02/2015
Issue of unsecured loan notes and equity05/02/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding02/02/2015
Total Voting Rights30/01/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding14/01/2015
Exercise of Options13/01/2015
Funds Under Management exceeds £1 billion12/01/2015
Loan note issue to raise £1.9 million16/12/2014
Publication of Information Memorandum for Proposed Bond Issue01/12/2014
Trading Update04/11/2014
Acquisition of Knight O'Byrne Limited03/11/2014
Grant of Options03/10/2014
Acquisition of Hindsight Financial Services12/09/2014
Director/PDMR Shareholding08/09/2014
Director/PDMR Shareholding29/08/2014
Directorate Change18/08/2014
Director/PDMR Shareholding06/08/2014
Acquisition of Finlay Gow28/07/2014
Half Yearly Report21/07/2014
Schedule 1 Update24/06/2014
Proposed Admission to AIM24/06/2014
Update on proposed admission to AIM16/06/2014
Acquisition of Omega Consulting (Norwich) Ltd19/05/2014
Total Voting Rights30/04/2014
Result of AGM28/04/2014
AGM Statement - Move to AIM on track for Q2 201428/04/2014
Director's Interest and Substantial Shareholdings08/04/2014
Subscription to raise GBP 1.62 million04/04/2014
Result of General Meeting31/03/2014
Final Results31/03/2014
Notice of General Meeting13/03/2014
Proposed admission to AIM19/02/2014
Board Changes11/02/2014
Directors' Interests03/02/2014
Acquisition of SR Wealth Management16/01/2014
Acquisition of Michael Mac Wealth Management11/12/2013
Acquisition of Robert Magee & Associates Ltd26/11/2013
Acquisition of AG Financial Planning Ltd21/11/2013
Acquisition of Origin Financial Limited04/11/2013
GBP 500,000 Fundraising23/10/2013
Aquisition of CH Financial Limited01/10/2013
Holding(s) in Company21/08/2013
GBP 2.8 Million Equity and Bond Issue21/08/2013
Record Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30 April 201331/07/2013
AFH Financial Group announces new Legal Division27/06/2013
Acquisition of Shape Financial Limited24/06/2013
Result of AGM - Approval of Maiden Dividend30/04/2013
Audited Results for the year ended 31 October 201226/03/2013
Appointment of Corporate Adviser15/01/2013
Director's Shareholding18/12/2012
Amendment - Acquisition of Further IFA Businesses17/12/2012
Aquisition of Further IFA Businesses17/12/2012
New £50m Tax Efficient Property Fund Launched05/11/2012
Total Voting Rights31/10/2012
Completion of Subscription18/10/2012
Acquistion of Chartwell Associates01/10/2012
Elgar Financial Limited marks ninth acquisition since IPO13/09/2012
Fundraising and Grant of Option01/08/2012
Group Interim Results31/07/2012
Acquisition of Specialist Solutions plc26/06/2012
Orderly Market Transaction17/05/2012
Statement regarding PLUS Markets Group plc15/05/2012
Result of AGM11/05/2012
Joint Venture Agreement08/05/2012
Total Voting Rights30/04/2012
Notice of AGM16/04/2012
Acquisition of The Arden Court Group Ltd03/04/2012
Audited Results for the period 23 June 2011 to 31 October 201130/03/2012
Winner of PLUS Newcomer of the Year Award05/03/2012
Acquisition of Three IFA Businesses02/11/2011
Orderly Market Transaction25/10/2011
Shares in Issue31/08/2011
Orderly Market Transaction24/08/2011
Completion of Subscription03/08/2011
Orderly Market Transaction29/07/2011
Admission to PLUS-quoted23/06/2011

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Hull office officially opens

AFH Wealth Management opened a new modern open plan regional office in Hull following the acquisitions of The Insurance Partnership Financial Services (TIPFS), Kirk Ella Investments, IFA Professional Planning and Private Client Wealth Management (PCWM).

Hull office officially opens

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