Grant of Options 19/11/2019
Holding(s) in Company18/11/2019 
Holding(s) in Company18/11/2019
Holding(s) in Company12/11/2019 
Trading Update11/11/2019 
Acquisition of the Assets of Groom Associates LLP04/11/2019 
Exercise of Options 01/11/2019
Business Update30/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company27/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company
Director/PDMR Shareholding
Acquisition of Broadleaf Financial Services18/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company
Holding(s) in Company
Completion of acquisitions
Holding(s) in Company12/09/2019 
Holding(s) in Company06/08/2019 
Exercise of Options01/08/2019 
Result of GM
Successful Placing of CULS12/07/2019 
Proposed Conditional Placing28/06/2019 
Half-year Report
Exercise of Options02/05/2019
Appointment of Joint Broker12/04/2019 
Director Disclosure29/03/2019 
Treasury Shares06/03/2019 
Exercise of Options
Result of AGM
AGM Statement01/03/2019 
Investor Conference Call28/02/2019 
Notice of Investor Conference Call
Exercise of Options04/02/2019 
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM
Full Year Results
Acquisition of Hayburn Rock Group Limited14/01/2019
Exercise of Options04/01/2019 
Redemption of Loan Notes and Exercise of Warrants
Acquisition of CWP Financial Services13/11/2018 
Trading Update12/11/2018
Director/PDMR Shareholding
Acquisition of Premier Wealth Management Harrogate02/11/2018 
Exercise of Options01/11/2018
Holding(s) in Company 23/10/2018
Holding(s) in Company23/10/2018 
Holding(s) in Company22/10/2018 
Grant of Options 19/10/2018 
Completion of Placing16/10/2018
Proposed Placing16/10/2018 
Holding(s) in Company02/10/2018 
Acquisition of Core Financial Holdings Limited01/10/2018 
Aquisition of Assets25/09/2018
Aquisition of the Assets of Emery Little24/09/2018 
Funds Under Management Exceed £4bn19/09/2018
Acquisition of HTH (Group) Limited28/08/2018
Acquisition of the assets of Harvey Curtis LLP23/08/2018
Exercise of Options07/08/2018
Holding(s) in Company03/08/2018
Exercise of Options31/07/2018
Results for the six months ended 30 April 201804/06/2018
Aquisition of the assets of Meritor Limited21/05/2018
Exercise of Options01/05/2018
Acquisition of Assets09/04/2018
Holding(s) in Company12/03/2018
Result of AGM02/03/2018
AGM Statement02/03/2018
Director/PDMR Shareholding12/02/2018
Issue of Deferred Consideration05/02/2018
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM02/02/2018 
Exercise of Options01/02/2018
Preliminary Results29/01/2018
Holdings in Company18/12/2017
Result of General Meeting04/12/2017
Exercise of Options28/11/2017
Grant of Options16/11/2017
Completion of Placing15/11/2017
Proposed Placing15/11/2017
Trading update06/11/2017
Exercise of Options03/11/2017
Issue of Deferred Consideration06/09/2017
Exercise of Options02/08/2017
Further Acquisitions01/08/2017
Issue of Equity06/06/2017
Results for the six months ended 30 April 201705/06/2017
Issue of Equity19/05/2017
Exercise of Options03/05/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares11/04/2017
Result of General Meeting10/04/2017
Holding(s) in Company05/04/2017
Holding(s) in Company05/04/2017
Completion of Placing20/03/2017
Proposed Placing20/03/2017
Deferred Consideration10/03/2017
Result of AGM03/03/2017
AGM Statement03/03/2017
Acquisition of Bay Financial Management Limited21/02/2017
Director Shareholding and Grant of Options03/02/2017
Exercise of Options03/02/2017
Acquisition of Assets01/02/2017
Full year results for period ending 31 Oct 201630/01/2017
Acquisition of the assets of David Rushden Associates Limited07/12/2016
Trading Update14/11/2016
Exercise of Options01/11/2016
Treasury Shares17/10/2016
Acquisition of assets of CRS Financial Planning03/10/2016
Treasury Shares09/09/2016
Exercise of Options01/08/2016
Results for the six months ended 30 April 201629/06/2016
Change of Nominated Adviser and Broker23/06/2016
Trading update and notice of results01/06/2016
Total Voting Rights29/04/2016
Transaction in Own Shares26/04/2016
Exercise of Options25/04/2016
Statement re Possible Offer for Lighthouse Group23/03/2016
Rule 2.10 Announcement17/03/2016
Response to Indicative Offer and Rule 2.10 announcement17/03/2016
Approach to Lighthouse Group plc17/03/2016
Result of AGM03/03/2016
AGM Statement03/03/2016
Total Voting Rights29/02/2016
Grant of Options16/02/2016
Exercise of Options12/02/2016
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM28/01/2016
Grant of Options27/01/2016
Final Results25/01/2016
Total Voting Rights31/12/2015
Result of GM & Fundraising Update23/12/2015
Proposed fundraising to raise up to £6.50 million09/12/2015
Issue of Deferred Consideration01/12/2015
Trading Update09/11/2015
Total Voting Rights30/10/2015
Exercise of Options21/10/2015
Directorate Change02/10/2015
Result of General Meeting22/09/2015
Notice of GM and share buyback04/09/2015
Total Voting Rights01/09/2015
Directorate Change01/09/2015
Exercise of Options26/08/2015
Acquisition of Davisons Financial Management06/08/2015
Half Yearly Report29/07/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding and Holdings in Company05/06/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding28/05/2015
Placing to raise £750,000 and acquisition update28/05/2015
Result of AGM23/04/2015
AGM Statement23/04/2015
Acquisition of Clarendon Financial Solutions Limited02/04/2015
Total Voting Rights01/04/2015
Exercise of Options01/04/2015
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM19/03/2015
Final Results16/03/2015
Acquisition of CIB Wealth Management LLP02/03/2015
Total Voting Rights27/02/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding10/02/2015
Issue of unsecured loan notes and equity05/02/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding02/02/2015
Total Voting Rights30/01/2015
Director/PDMR Shareholding14/01/2015
Exercise of Options13/01/2015
Funds Under Management exceeds £1 billion12/01/2015
Loan note issue to raise £1.9 million16/12/2014
Publication of Information Memorandum for Proposed Bond Issue01/12/2014
Trading Update04/11/2014
Acquisition of Knight O'Byrne Limited03/11/2014
Grant of Options03/10/2014
Acquisition of Hindsight Financial Services12/09/2014
Director/PDMR Shareholding08/09/2014
Director/PDMR Shareholding29/08/2014
Directorate Change18/08/2014
Director/PDMR Shareholding06/08/2014
Acquisition of Finlay Gow28/07/2014
Half Yearly Report21/07/2014
Schedule 1 Update24/06/2014
Proposed Admission to AIM24/06/2014
Update on proposed admission to AIM16/06/2014
Acquisition of Omega Consulting (Norwich) Ltd19/05/2014
Total Voting Rights30/04/2014
Result of AGM28/04/2014
AGM Statement - Move to AIM on track for Q2 201428/04/2014
Director's Interest and Substantial Shareholdings08/04/2014
Subscription to raise GBP 1.62 million04/04/2014
Result of General Meeting31/03/2014
Final Results31/03/2014
Notice of General Meeting13/03/2014
Proposed admission to AIM19/02/2014
Board Changes11/02/2014
Directors' Interests03/02/2014
Acquisition of SR Wealth Management16/01/2014
Acquisition of Michael Mac Wealth Management11/12/2013
Acquisition of Robert Magee & Associates Ltd26/11/2013
Acquisition of AG Financial Planning Ltd21/11/2013
Acquisition of Origin Financial Limited04/11/2013
GBP 500,000 Fundraising23/10/2013
Aquisition of CH Financial Limited01/10/2013
Holding(s) in Company21/08/2013
GBP 2.8 Million Equity and Bond Issue21/08/2013
Record Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30 April 201331/07/2013
AFH Financial Group announces new Legal Division27/06/2013
Acquisition of Shape Financial Limited24/06/2013
Result of AGM - Approval of Maiden Dividend30/04/2013
Audited Results for the year ended 31 October 201226/03/2013
Appointment of Corporate Adviser15/01/2013
Director's Shareholding18/12/2012
Amendment - Acquisition of Further IFA Businesses17/12/2012
Aquisition of Further IFA Businesses17/12/2012
New £50m Tax Efficient Property Fund Launched05/11/2012
Total Voting Rights31/10/2012
Completion of Subscription18/10/2012
Acquistion of Chartwell Associates01/10/2012
Elgar Financial Limited marks ninth acquisition since IPO13/09/2012
Fundraising and Grant of Option01/08/2012
Group Interim Results31/07/2012
Acquisition of Specialist Solutions plc26/06/2012
Orderly Market Transaction17/05/2012
Statement regarding PLUS Markets Group plc15/05/2012
Result of AGM11/05/2012
Joint Venture Agreement08/05/2012
Total Voting Rights30/04/2012
Notice of AGM16/04/2012
Acquisition of The Arden Court Group Ltd03/04/2012
Audited Results for the period 23 June 2011 to 31 October 201130/03/2012
Winner of PLUS Newcomer of the Year Award05/03/2012
Acquisition of Three IFA Businesses02/11/2011
Orderly Market Transaction25/10/2011
Shares in Issue31/08/2011
Orderly Market Transaction24/08/2011
Completion of Subscription03/08/2011
Orderly Market Transaction29/07/2011
Admission to PLUS-quoted23/06/2011

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