The board consists of four executive directors who each contribute to its functioning. The board meets on a regular basis and has a formal schedule of matters specifically reserved for its consideration.

It is specifically responsible for overall company strategy, including but not restricted to the consideration of operating and financial performance, acquisition policy, capital expenditure and senior personnel appointments. It has established a remuneration committee and an audit committee with responsibilities formally delegated by the board.



Alan Hudson


Alan is responsible for the day to day running of the Group with a particular focus on the acquisition strategy of the Group. He has considerable financial planning and investment management experience as a chartered financial planner and in 1990 founded the business operated by AFH Financial Group.

Prior to founding AFH Financial Group, Alan ran the Birmingham office of Target Life. Alan is a member of the Group’s Audit and Remuneration and Risk Committees and alongside Austin and Mark sits on the Group Investment Committee.


Paul Wright


Paul qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG in London, before moving into the wholesale financial services sector with Exco International PLC. Here he spent 10 years working across the London and Asia Pacific regions - a period of significant growth for the business. Since 1995, Paul has held the position of group CFO for a number of UK listed companies, including several technology companies serving the UK financial markets.

Previously, Paul served as director of Oxford United Football Club and was involved in securing the MBO of Workplace Systems International plc, an AIM-quoted company. Paul joined AFH in 2014 and is responsible for overall financial control and planning of the Group. 


Alex Larvin

Executive Director

At university, Alexis studied business management, before going on to advise on mortgages and training at HSBC. She has since been with AFH for 11 years and is registered with the FCA, CF1, CF10 and CF11.

As group head of Risk, Alexis is responsible for developing and maintaining robust systems and controls in order to ensure that key risks are mitigated, communicating with the regulator, the oversight of Advice & Regulatory Support and the oversight of T&C Operations. As part of the senior management team, Alex is also involved in the strategic development of the business. 

Austin Broad Director

Austin Broad

Executive Director

Austin is an experienced independent financial adviser and technical expert, he has over 15 years’ experience as an IFA prior to joining AFH. Previously he served as district manager for Nationwide Building Society, briefly tying this with an adviser role.

Austin has been with AFH for 10 years, being appointed to the board in October 2015. As group head of Advice his responsibilities include the strategic development of the quality and direction of financial planning and investment advice within the business, as well as working closely with the head of Risk to develop strategic planning within the group whilst managing risks.

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