First veterans start new AFH programme


Last week saw our first Forces veterans start on the new veteran career programme (VCP).

Molly Solanke, Bamber Preston, Caleb Allport and Paul Turner reported for VCP induction yesterday. 

Dawn Walker-Bennett said: 

“It’s been great to welcome our first recruits on to the VCP. We worked closely with Forces organisations when developing the programme to make sure it fitted with the needs of veterans. 

“And our first batch of recruits bring a wealth of experience to the business, so I’m sure they’ll make a great contribution to AFH.”

Molly, who since leaving the Army a year ago has been working at ex-Forces recruitment company FDM group, is joining Dawn’s team, while Bamber and Caleb will spend time in each part of the business to give them a complete picture of how AFH operates while studying for the qualifications needed to become IFAs. Paul, who is already diploma qualified, will be spending 6 months in the technical team to put his diploma knowledge into practice.