AFH Financial Group share capital is traded on AIM, a member of the London Stock Exchange.

There are a total of 42,681,425 Ordinary Shares in issue.

There are a total of 42,637,494 Ordinary Shares in issue carrying voting rights.

There are a total of 43,931 Treasury Shares in issue.

16.12% of AFH Financial Group shares are not in public hands.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

8% unsecured bonds, due for redemption in 2020, are admitted to trading on the ISDX Growth Market. There are no other exchanges or trading platforms on which the company has applied of agreed to have its securities traded.

Shareholder information last updated 02 May 2019.

Significant Shareholders and Directors' Interests:

NameNumber of Ordinary Shares% of Issued Share Capital
Alan Hudson (Chief Executive Officer)*6,555,70015.38
Slater Investments
Paul Connor ****3,300,0007.74
Polar Capital LLP3,039,9137.13
Philip Mobberley **2,967,9196.96
Merian Global Investors (UK) Limited
Black Rock Inc1,902,7284.46
BMO Global Asset Management1,580,1503.71
River and Mercantile Uk Micro Cap Investment Company1,481,1433.47
John Wheatley (Non-Executive Chairman) ***233,1210.55
Paul Wright (Finance Director) ***35,0000.08
Mark Chambers (Non-Executive Director) *****33,9780.08
Austin Broad (Executive Director)15,0000.04

* Shareholding held via a share dealing account in the name of his broker, Thomas Grant and Company Nominees Limited.

** Includes 816,347 Ordinary Shares held by Lynne Karen Mobberley (Philip Mobberley's wife) and 489,041 Ordinary Shares held by P Mobberley Carpenters Limited (a company whose voting rights are 50 per cent. held by Philip Mobberley and 50 per cent. held by Lynne Karen Mobberley).

*** Shareholding is held via his self-invested personal pension.

**** 700,000 of the Ordinary Shares are held by Carol Connor, the wife of Paul Connor.

***** 5,857 of the Ordinary Shares are held by Mrs Chambers, the wife of Mark Chambers.

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AFH buys AE Garment Ltd in fifth acquisition of the year

AFH buys AE Garment Ltd in fifth acquisition of the year

Story 01/07/19

Wealth manager AFH Financial Group has completed the acquisition of Hertfordshire-based AE Garment Independent Financial Services Limited in a deal worth £1.7million.

Gender pay report 2018

Gender pay report 2018

Story 29/03/19

Download the AFH Financial Group Ltd. 2018 gender pay report here.

AFH's biggest acquisition ever

AFH's biggest acquisition ever

Story 05/12/18

AFH announced its largest-ever acquisition – a £10m deal that takes the group’s funds under management to more than £5 billion.

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