Retirement options

Whilst planning for retirement should be regularly reviewed from the moment we start saving, for many it is only when approaching retirement that the need becomes a real one.

In the 10 years or so before your intended retirement, your attention may turn to questions such as; What assets will be available for me to use when I retire? Are there any debts or other liabilities I need to pay off at retirement? What will my retirement phases be, and what will they look like? And, most importantly, Will I have enough money?

The success of a retirement plan depends on how personal it is to you. Understanding retirement issues and options through self-research can help, but there may be significant benefit in speaking to a professional adviser about your objectives for retirement.

Pension Wise is a useful information and guidance source from the government, and is a great place to get started before you consider seeking independent financial advice.


Retirement options services



Annuities can provide a guaranteed income, payable for the rest of your life. Learn more about the features of annuities, and their suitability based on your circumstances, here. Get in touch with an adviser to discuss your options.

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Defer your pension

There is no requirement to access your pension at a specific time. Contact an independent adviser at AFH to discuss your suitability for deferring your pension, and what this could mean for your retirement.

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A flexi-access drawdown allows you control over how and when you access your retirement benefits. As drawdown and its effects are complex, our experienced advisers will be on hand to help assess this option's suitability against your needs.

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Hybrid options

Depending on your circumstances, a hybrid pension option could offer a guaranteed and sustainable income with built-in flexibility. Speak to one of our independent advisers to discuss the features and suitability of this option.

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