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Given that probate is a legal authority to administer a deceased person’s estate, many people view this as an area that is exclusively dealt with by legal specialists. In terms of the legal execution of these services, we recommend the use of a specialist legal provider; but it's also important to consider the bigger picture when it comes to the content of an estate. That's where we can help.

Taking a more holistic approach to probate and estate matters. Gaining input from investment specialists, such as ourselves, could play a big part in how quickly a probate matter is resolved - especially for an estate that contains investment holdings.

Estates with investment holdings can bring their own layers of complexity, such as;

  • they may have historically been subject to corporate actions, takeovers or reorganisations
  • a variety of documents, such as old bearer bond certificates, old share certificates and information about capitalisation may be in existence
  • you'll need to determine the relevant shareholdings and an accurate valuation of them
  • resolving issues such as how the holdings will be administered once much of the above has been established and clarified

Your client executive can work closely with legal practitioners, so you can engage them for the most effective combination of legal and wealth management support to help relieve the burden of administering an estate during the most difficult and traumatic of times. 

Some of the services may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Contact us for further information.

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