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The stockbroking service at AFH Private Wealth brings our clients a two-way offering: Advisory dealing and Execution-only.

The Advisory dealing service allows you to take expert advice from your qualified and dedicated client executive, and use it to formulate your own investment decisions on individual stocks. This service does not offer an on-going portfolio management service, however, your client executive may be in touch if something needs to be brought to your attention.

The Execution-only service allows you to take full responsibility for the management of your investments, and the decisions you make in relation to them. Once you instruct us, we'll execute the trades for you. There is no financial advice or recommendations given as part of this service, but your client executive is there if you need to discuss something.

You can find out more about each service by clicking the links below before deciding on the right one for your long-term financial needs and objectives.


Advisory dealing

With the Advisory dealing service, you can take stock-specific advice from your dedicated client executive and use it to make your own investment decisions on individual stocks.

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Execution only

With execution only, we'll provide you with the facts so you can make your own investment decisions. We’ll execute the trades once you instruct us – the ideal option if you have a clear idea of the stocks you plan to buy and sell.

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