Execution-only is ideal for those who have a clear idea of the stocks that they plan to buy and sell, and when they plan to take action.

Our Execution-only service allows you to take full responsibility for the management of your investments. You can transact through your dedicated client executive and become your own adviser, making your own investment decisions. We’ll execute the trades once you instruct us.

While there is no provision of advice or recommendations, your client executive will draw your attention to, and seek your instruction on matters concerning any corporate actions that impact on your investments.

Summary of Execution-only

Will I benefit from a dedicated client executive?

Yes. You will benefit from your client executive (experienced and qualified stockbroker)
and the dealing team assisting you in transacting your business.

How often will my client executive review my portfolio?

As this is an execution-only service, your portfolio will not be reviewed by your client executive.

Is there an ISA facility available?


Will you need my signature to authorise an adjustment?

Yes. No transactions may be undertaken without your specific authority, either in writing, by e-mail, or over a recorded phone call.

How often will I receive a portfolio report?

You will receive a biannual portfolio report and a quarterly transaction report.

Are online valuations available?

Yes, you can access your account through the online portal.

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