Understanding AFH Discretionary fund management

You can remove all the work and worry involved in managing your investments by giving us the authority to make changes to your investments on your behalf. This gives you a faster more efficient management, with changes made at critical times to help you make the most of emerging opportunities or limit the liability of a political or economic event.

Our economist and investment teams are constantly monitoring markets to stay ahead of global events and our researchers check the management of funds to determine which best suit your individual needs. Working this way also allows us to include direct securities in your portfolio, where appropriate and because, unlike most IFAs, we have all the experts we need in house, it reduces the cost of managing your portfolio on a discretionary basis.

AFH is one of only a handful of IFAs in the UK that are authorised to act as a discretionary investment manager. This means that you can delegate the day-to-day decision-making your investment strategy requires, saving you time and enabling a fast response to investment opportunities and threats. Of course, we’ll keep you advised with regular updates.

Past performance is not  a guide to future performance.Investments  managed on a discretionary basis can go down as well as up.