Sell an IFA business

With AFH, it’s a smooth transition that works for you, your clients and your business

Join an organisation with years of experience

Selling your IFA business can seem daunting, with many complexities to consider. We have considerable experience in acquiring IFA firms and are here to guide and support you through the entire journey.

Why choose us?

Whether you’re looking to play an active role as your company becomes part of AFH or you want to step back or retire, we can help you to secure your firm’s future.

The benefits for you and your business:

  • Proven success in integrating acquisitions, just read some of our testimonials.

  • Become part of an established company with considerable in-house expertise to support you and your business including expert investment research team.

  • Join one of the fastest growing and largest financial advisory firms in the UK.

  • Opportunity to capitalise on the value of your business.

Read more about what selling your IFA firm might entail by downloading our comprehensive brochure.

The benefits for your clients:

  • 24/7 access to our up-to-date online client portal.

  • Investment process and portfolio management designed to deliver the best possible client outcome.

  • One of the UK’s largest wealth management firms committed to providing the best possible service and costs to our clients.

Make a well-informed decision about selling your IFA business

For the past ten years, I've been meeting with advisers who are thinking of selling their business. Some have found their way to us directly, others have been introduced through brokers, but whatever route they've taken, I've noticed a common theme: vendors are often confused and misinformed about what selling an IFA business entails.

The complexities around selling your IFA business are plentiful, and there is much to consider. From tax implications to business integration, and the many different ways a deal can be structured, all represent potential pitfalls for the uninformed seller.

Whether you're thinking of moving to a larger firm or just want a smooth exit from the industry, it pays to be informed. We're happy to pass on what we've learned in the hope that you can benefit, too.  

— Alan Hudson, CEO AFH Financial Group


Why not have a look at what some of the IFA firms have to say about joining us:

I was introduced to AFH by a Broker. I didn’t realise there was so much value in my business and I always thought my clients would just be left with my other Partners. Alan gave me some great tips and helped with the process, for which I am eternally grateful.

— Bill Groom, Groom Associates

The transfer of my business to AFH has worked well and has provided me with peace of mind, as my clients are well looked after. I would recommend that any IFA, or IFA business owner looking to retire, should talk to AFH. They were the most impressive company that I have found and importantly they had a good understanding of my practice and how it could fit into AFH.

— Jeff Seward, Jeff Seward & Partners

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