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AFH Private Wealth is a premier wealth management business dedicated to providing a specialised wealth management service to discerning investors. Adopting a truly holistic approach, we’ll take the time to understand your financial goals and objectives, explain the finer points of investment risk and define your personal attitude to it, prior to any decisions being made.

You should seek independent financial advice that takes your individual circumstances into account prior to proceeding with any course of action.

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Portfolio management

With our Discretionary portfolio management service, your dedicated client executive will take on the day-to-day management of your investments, applying their experience to make investment decisions on your behalf. If you’re looking for more control, our Advisory portfolio management service might be right for you, with your client executive managing your investments on a day-to-day basis, but referring to you before making any investment decisions.

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You can choose from two services: Advisory dealing and Execution-only. Advisory dealing enables you to take stock-specific advice from your client executive and use it to make your own investment decisions on individual stocks. With Execution-only, you make your own investment decisions, and we’ll execute the trades once you instruct us – the ideal option if you have a clear idea of the stocks you plan to buy and sell. 

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An ISA (individual savings account) forms an essential part of any investment proposition, particularly as it ensures your funds are managed as tax-efficiently as possible. Your client executive will work with you to ensure that, whichever service you choose, your investment makes the most of any ISA allowance available.

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Charity portfolio service

We provide comprehensive solutions that take into account the challenges facing charity trustees. Your dedicated client executive will focus on optimising investments in the long term, to meet your charity’s objectives.

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Find all the latest private wealth news here, all written by our in-house experts.

Monthly economic commentary: March 2019

Monthly economic commentary: March 2019

Story 22/03/19

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, looks at how the eurozone economy has slowed sharply over the last year or so, the challenges facing the region and the possible implications for financial market, in his latest economic commentary.

Tax year-end planning: avoiding withdrawal symptoms

Tax year-end planning: avoiding withdrawal symptoms

Story 18/03/19

Years of planning how best to put money into your portfolio can be ruined by not planning how to take it out again. Here we discuss the two main tax planning concerns for investors who are thinking of disinvesting

Spring Statement 2019 snapshot

Spring Statement 2019 snapshot

Story 13/03/19

Unemployment rate at its lowest since 1975, and wages at their highest in a decade – read a snapshot of Phillip Hammond’s latest announcements from the Spring Statement 2019.

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