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The importance of engaging with ethical investing

The importance of engaging with ethical investing

Story 12/11/18

With approximately £17 billion invested in ethical funds in the UK, ethical investing is on the rise. Investors are shifting their focus from high returns to becoming more socially and environmentally conscious, so it's crucial that financial advisers are able to engage with the needs and attitudes of the investors of today.

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Why is good pension advice so hard to find?

Why is good pension advice so hard to find?

Story 08/11/18

A recent pensions study conducted by YouGov revealed that 45% of people find good pension advice hard to access. We look at the reasons for this and what can be done to help.

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Investing with AFH

Video 07/11/18

Investing with AFH is a uniquely different experience. Watch our short explainer video to find out what sets us apart.

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