Our investment committee

The Investment Committee at AFH meet on a monthly basis to develop and discuss the investment strategy for the group. The Committee is made up of senior personnel, including: AFH board members, senior economists, investment research representatives, portfolio managers, and external voting members to ensure impartiality. This collection of individuals ensures a wealth of experience with a wide diversity of thought.

The Investment Committee is responsible for:

  • Oversight and monitoring of investment strategy

  • Delegation of implementation to the Investment Sub-Committee

  • Monitoring and managing investment risk

  • Reviewing performance and compliance

  • Making decisions on portfolio construction based on our in-house research

  • Recommending and approving policy changes

  • Communicating information to relevant stakeholders

Investment Sub-Committee (ISC)

The ISC is granted delegated power by the Investment Committee to implement the strategy agreed by the IC, and react promptly to economic changes between official monthly meetings.

The ISC ensures immediate oversight, and monitoring of portfolios on a daily basis, as well as a reporting function to the main Committee. The Investment Committee defines the parameters for the ISC to operate within, which are regularly reviewed for both appropriateness, and adherence to.