Investment Management Services

Building, managing and growing your portfolio with our experts, to ensure your investments stay on track

Whether you're looking to grow your investments, generate a new income source or preserve your wealth, we offer a range of services to suit your goals and approach to investment.

As part of our commitment to you and your evolving investment portfolio, you’ll receive an annual, face-to-face review meeting with your adviser focusing on a wide variety of key areas, such as:

  • A refreshed look at any changes you may have to your needs and circumstances

  • Reassessment of your attitude to investment risk and ability to bear losses

  • A review of your financial goals and priorities

  • Market commentary and a discussion around your investment objectives

  • A review of your retirement income (if you have a pension drawdown arrangement)

  • Access to in-house wills, trusts and estate planning services.

Investment Management (2)

Keeping everything under one roof, your annual review could also include opportunities to manage, review and make changes to your investments.

Whatever your goals, you can choose the investment service that’s right for you. Whether you have an existing portfolio, or you are looking to get started with investing, our in-house experts can support you in the management of your investments to any level. Your financial adviser can help you to decide which service best suits your circumstances and objectives.

Our services

  • Discretionary service

    Taking the work out of managing your investments

  • Advisory service

    The final investment decisions lie with you

  • Oversight service

    Our expert opinion, your investments

Oversight service

To supplement the support you're receiving from your financial adviser, the Oversight service offers a full suitability analysis of your investments that aren't managed through AFH. With this service, our in-house experts will provide you with an annual review of your investments held with third parties. Our comments and recommendations will all be based around your specific goals and aspirations for your future and leaves you in full control of any decision making.

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