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Our company values matter

Our values have guided us for many years, placing clients at the heart of our business.

We understand the fears that IFAs will have about selling their business. At AFH, our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and our strong track record of making acquisitions since 2004 has resulted in positive outcomes for both IFAs and clients.

Alan Hudson Chief Executive Officer
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Receive 5 years’ recurring income upfront

Sell & retire or sell & stay with us. When it comes to selling the business that you’ve dedicated your life to, we know the decision is more than just financial. Here at AFH Wealth Management, we’ve been acquiring IFA businesses for nearly 20 years, taking care of their clients and their transition to us.

  • Strong track record

    Our experience in acquiring IFAs means we know what we're doing to bring you onboard.

  • Dedicated acquisitions team

    Our people are experienced and dedicated to creating the best possible journey when you sell to us.

  • Culture and values

    Our company values matter and it's important to us that we are the right fit for you and for your clients.

This is a people business. There is a cultural alignment where everybody’s views are valued and respected. You actually get a business that is quite refreshing as it’s a family culture. Everybody goes that extra mile in the business to support each other – and that’s not just the advisers, that’s the clients as well.

Tony Beaven Commercial Integrations Director
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Monetise your client bank and de-risk your future