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Holistic, expert financial advice

About us

A leading financial advice firm led for over 30 years by a Chartered Financial Planner, AFH has more than 200 accredited advisers nationwide to support you in reaching your financial goals.

Driven by our culture, values and client-centric approach, we use all that we know to educate, inform and enrich the lives of our clients.

Our expert financial planners offer you personalised advice that’s tailored to your individual circumstances and future goals.

What is financial advice?

Our knowledgeable financial advisers are qualified in supporting you to make decisions about your financial future. Together with our expert in-house teams of researchers, we can offer you the best advice about a wide range of financial products including investments, protection and mortgages.

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Beyond our services, here’s what makes us unique

  • Decades of experience

    As a firm led for over 30 years by Chartered Financial Planner, Alan Hudson, everything we do is backed by decades of experience. 

  • Experts in research and investment

    Our advisers are backed by a team of expert researcherswho are constantly reviewing the best financial products and investment opportunities on the market.

  • Location to suit you

    With over 200 advisers and over 10 office hubs across the UK, we can work around your schedule and meet at a location perfect for you.

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