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Sell & retire or sell & stay with us

Monetise your client bank and de-risk your future.

  • Retire With Us

    Sell & retire with us

    When you’re considering retirement, you want to know that your clients will be in safe hands. With our track record of acquiring IFA businesses, you can have confidence in our ability to onboard your clients to our truly independent service proposition and give them a service you can be proud of.

  • Stay With Us

    Sell & stay with us

    Monetise the client bank that you’ve spent your life building. With our track record of almost 20 years of acquiring businesses, your clients’ continued service is as important to us as it is to you. Joining us at AFH Wealth Management as an IFA means you can bring your clients with you, while reaping the benefits of our established business and earning a competitive salary and benefits package.

5 years’ recurring income upfront

Alan Hudson and I shook on the deal. At that time he told me this would be the best thing I'd do in business. Four years later, I'm still here and that has absolutely come true.

Derek Gibbens Joined AFH through an acquistion
Derek Gibbens

At AFH our company values matter