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I was introduced to AFH by a broker. I didn’t realise there was so much value in my business and I always thought my clients would just be left with my other partners. Alan gave me some great tips and helped with the process, for which I am eternally grateful.

Bill Groom Groom Associates
  • Has it worked out? Yes, all of the boxes have been ticked. The deal has taken risk off the table and day-to-day office management. We now have more time to deal with our clients and focus on growing our business - Simon & Matthew Allen, Mulberry IFA
  • Retire With Us
  • The deal has allowed us to move house, be mortgage free and maintain a lifestyle that I wanted to live and support my family. The funds I have received from AFH have exceeded my expectation. I will be forever grateful for the meeting I had with Alan Hudson - Bob Perry, CWP Financial Services Limited
  • I became freed of regulatory and financial burden and had access to a wonderful proposition of opportunity for both myself and my clients. Now, as I move into retirement, I feel satisfied that my clients will be looked after for many years to come - Richard Evans, Premier Wealth Management (Harrogate) Ltd
  • Believe in better, do your due diligence, recognise the benefits of the new proposition and have a plan to stop attrition. The support that we now receive from AFH is phenomenal - Robert Isaacs, Lyn Financial Services & Partners Ltd
  • The underlying ethos of the firm is exactly that which I had felt during the due diligence process. It is one which provides the foundation for a resilient and professional financial advice service with a focus upon innovation, clarity and providing excellent value for money to clients - Simon Holdsworth, Duchy Wealth Management
  • I was talking to Alan Hudson for two years about joining AFH. I didn’t move earlier due to a fear of the unknown, but I wish I’d have taken this step many years before. The deal was fair, it was a good move for me and my clients, I’ve reduced my overheads, become more profitable and I haven’t looked back since - Judy Ward, Judy Ward Financial Services
  • Stay With Us
  • The machine works, and we have lost the responsibility of running the company, managing staff and getting caught up in the mundane professional indemnity/compliance functions. We are now enjoying giving the clients a far better service and generally have been freed up to do what we enjoy doing. We’re in a good place and have happy clients - Jon Cliston, Tony Goody & Andrew F. Smith, Parker Sage Limited
  • We took our time to find a new home that was right for us, our clients and staff. It has paid off. Our time has been freed up so we can now focus on our clients - Nick & Debbie Burchall, Corville Financial Services Limited
  • I joined AFH in January 2018. My expectations have been met and my clients are very happy with the transition. I have continued to advise my clients without the worry of escalating professional indemnity costs and now have the benefit of someone else taking ownership for keeping abreast of regulatory changes. For my clients, I believe that continuity is so very important - Nigel Parbrook, Monopoly Financial Consultants Ltd
  • In conclusion, the integrity of Alan Hudson is what I hoped for and I obtained peace of mind and financial security selecting AFH as a business partner - Mark Hughes, Mark Hughes & Associates Ltd
  • Our advice to anyone thinking about their exit strategy would be to think of the reasons why you want to sell the business, do your due diligence and don’t just focus on the money. Make sure the acquirer will treat yourself, your employees and clients the way you would want to be treated. AFH have been fair and transparent. This is a two-way street for both sides - Chris Holland, Nick Thomas & Nick Heald, HTH Group Limited
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  • For myself, I am now able to enjoy my retirement, secure in the knowledge that, in selling my business to AFH, I have made the right decision both for myself and for my clients - Kenn Kerr, Britton Financial

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