AFH company values

At AFH our company values matter

Our values have guided us for many years, placing clients at the heart of our business. We focus on how, by joining together, we can give our clients great financial results, build better careers for employees, provide more opportunities for our partners and help advisers build their businesses.

What makes an AFH person?

Any company is only as good as its people, and we’re lucky enough to attract and retain some of the very best.

Our people come from all walks of life and carry with them a wealth of experience and learning. We encourage diversity and operate with an open and honest dialogue.

AFH aims to deliver great financial outcomes for our clients. This is achieved by creating a community with our clients where we share healthy financial planning principles that protect us all. We endeavour to deliver investment returns that make money grow in real terms with a reassuring "safe pair of hands" to steady and guide through those inevitable difficult times. We want to use our success, as we grow, to deliver a sense of togetherness which benefits all of us; our employees, advisers and most of all our clients, as they follow life's twists and turns and the challenges this brings.

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Living our values

Whilst everyone in our community should share our brand values, this doesn’t stop us from being ourselves. Diversity is critical to the growth of any business and is often the key to innovation, without which businesses fail.

600X600px Values
  • Client focus
    Our clients are our primary focus. They are at the centre of every decision we make.
  • Integrity
    Hand-in-hand with our focus on clients is our belief in conducting business with integrity.
  • Hunger for learning
    We support our employees in growing their experience and expanding their skills through personal development and training.
  • Transparency
    Our policy of honesty and transparency has served us well and remains core to our brand.
  • Trust & respect
    We support and respect the contribution of all community members.

Be a part of our journey

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    Diversity & inclusion

    Find out how AFH continue to foster a culture of diversity & inclusion that is free from prejudice and values difference.

  • Health And Wellbeing 800X533

    Health & wellbeing

    We understand that a happy workforce always performs better. Learn more about how we continue to support our colleagues to be happier and healthier.

  • Develop Your Career 800 455

    Developing your career

    AFH is committed to supporting all employees to develop skills, gain qualifications and improve long-term career prospects.