Client focus: educating our clients

Dying Matters Week is an opportunity to promote open and honest conversations about end-of-life matters with loved ones.

Sometimes when it comes to family, the most important conversations are often the ones had least, such as what will happen when you’re no longer here. This is a situation that AFH adviser Mark Sidaway experienced when the husband of one of his clients passed away.  
When Rosie’s husband, Ian, died more than 20 years ago, she had little experience in dealing with a financial adviser.  

Her husband had tended to deal with the couple’s financial affairs, so she was uncertain how she’d move forward with AFH’s Mark Sidaway - the family’s financial adviser - when she had to take over the family finances.

Rosie, from Worcestershire, needn’t have worried, because Mark did everything he could to educate Rosie about her financial journey ahead.  

“Working with Mark for more than two decades means I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of my financial situation and life goals,” said Rosie.  

“He really does know his stuff and always advises me about what I should be doing in the right way. Mark was always there for me and helped me no end since I lost my husband.”

Building relationships  

One thing Rosie values is Mark’s commitment to building a long-term working relationship, which she feels is especially important.  

As she points out, those who want to collaborate with you over the long-term are much more likely to give you good advice because they know they’ll be speaking to you again in the future.

“I’ve been dealing with Mark for 20 years, and over that time we’ve built up a good working relationship – I feel very confident in him.”

Making the right decisions  

In addition to this, Rosie appreciates Mark’s ability to explain everything she needs to know in a clear and jargon-free way, so that she can then make the right decisions.

“Mark has really helped me to become more confident around my wealth,” she explained.  

Comprehending finances

Mark added: “It’s been a pleasure helping Rosie to comprehend more about her finances and I look forward to continuing to educate her as our relationship moves forward.”

Our vision at AFH is: “To use all that we know and do to educate, inform and enrich our clients’ lives.” We use this vision to put clients at the heart of everything we do, setting our direction now and for the future.

Thursday 9 May 2024