Encryption Explained and FAQs

At AFH Wealth Management we value the safety of our clients’ personal data, therefore, Office 365 Encryption is a service we use to ensure any personal information is protected in the digital space, specifically in any communications between AFHWM and our clients via email where personal data is present.

This page is aimed at supporting you through opening any encrypted electronic communication you may receive from us. Please note, some communications may not be encrypted if they do not contain any personal, identifiable information.

Q: What is Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)?

A: In today’s society, where a lot of sensitive data is transited through emails, the OME (Office Message Encryption) encryption offers an additional layer of security ensuring that only the intended recipients can view the message content.

Q: How does Office 365 Message Encryption work?

A: It allows AFH to send encrypted messages to any email address, including Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail.

Office 365 Message Encryption is an online service that is built on Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) which is part of Azure Information Protection. This service includes encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure your email.

Q: How do I know the email I receive is genuinely from AFH Wealth Management?

A: All email addresses that you may be issued communications from, are registered to domains relating to AFH Group (e.g., @afhgroup.com) and will display the relevant logo - this includes staff and advisers email addresses. Please do not open anything if you are unsure and raise with your adviser in the first instance.

Q: How do I open the encrypted email?

A: You can open the encryption either by a One Time Passcode, which you can generate immediately, or by signing in into your Microsoft, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Account.

The instructions may slightly differ based on the device you are trying to open the email from; however, the options below should help you open the encryption with ease.

If you are using a different email account or email program to Microsoft Office 365, you may receive a notification that you have received a protected message and need to take additional action.

➢ Opening a protected email with a Microsoft 365 email account in Outlook or Outlook on the web

Desktop/ Browser

1. If you are using a Microsoft 365 email account in Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the web, you should not have to do anything specific to read your message

Mobile App

1. If you have a Microsoft 365 account and you are using the Outlook mobile app, the message should just open

➢ Reading a protected message with Gmail/ Yahoo!Mail/ Hotmail etc.

Desktop/ Browser

1. Select Read your message
2. Select Sign in with Google
3. You'll be redirected to the Gmail sign-in page. Once you sign in, select Allow
4. Your protected message will display in a new browser tab. You will not be able to view the protected message in the Gmail window.

Mobile App

1. Tap Read your message
2. Tap Sign in with... and sign into your email account.
3. If you get a request for permission, tap Yes or Allow to view the message

➢ Reading a protected message with a single-use code

Desktop/ Browser

1. Select Read the message
2. You'll be redirected to a page where you can sign in and receive a single-use code.
3. Check your email for the single-use code. Enter the code in the browser window, then select Continue to read your message.

Mobile App

1. Tap Read your message > Sign in with a single-use code
2. You'll be redirected to a page where you can sign in and receive a single-use code.
3. Check your email for the single-use code and copy it.
4. Enter the code in your browser, then select Continue to read your message.

Q: What do I do if I am experiencing issues with opening the encryption?

A: In the unlikely event you experience issues with opening the encryption, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly WealthHUB Team – they should be able to support you further or will guide you through registration on our WealthHUB client portal where you will be able to easily access your documentation and policy information through a login and password.

We would like to remind you that our WealthHUB client portal is the best place to view your plan information and documentation at any time.

Q: I am interested in registering for the WealthHub client portal, how do I sign up?

A: You can choose to register for our WealthHUB Portal by going to https://www.afhwm.co.uk/register-for-wealthhub, the form only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Alternatively, you can contact our WealthHUB team on 0333 230 9254 (9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday) or by email at wealthhub@afhgroup.com

Q: I am unable to open the encryption, but have registered for portal access – how can I see my Investment Report in the meantime?

A: Please note that in this instance your investment report will be posted to you. Once portal registration is complete, you will be able to see your report on the portal. We will also notify you when your future reports are available to view.