Five ways to travel in style

We are all looking forward to getting back out into the world, and with so many trips having been cancelled, studies show that many of us are planning more comfortable, stylish and luxurious experiences than previously as we head off on our first post-pandemic breaks. 

With this in mind, here are five ways that travellers can introduce a little more style and comfort into these first post-pandemic trips that they have waited for so long.

Ensure that luxury starts at the airport

Concerns around coronavirus mean that people are still anxious in crowded spaces, such as an airport terminal. One solution is to choose to travel in Business or First Class, where travellers are automatically ushered through security first and have access to a separate lounge

However, these services can be booked separately too, and can add considerably to the comfort of a trip. Fast track security, business lounges and valet parking are all available at , often up to an hour before travel. From July 1, Number One Lounges at many major airports will also be bookable

Look back in time for vintage glamour

They knew how to travel in style in the olden days. Picking a historic mode of transport can up the glamour factor considerably. Belmond ( owns the British Pullman 1920s train as well as the Orient Express in Europe and the Andean Explorer train in Peru. All offer stylish meals and fabulous service, and the Orient Express Grand Suite allows a private and luxurious overnight stay.

In the US it is possible to charter a private rail car for truly luxurious train accommodation. See for details.

Get the right case for the job

Fortunately for today’s traveller, luxurious luggage has moved on from the steamer trunks of old, which would be tricky to manoeuvre through a modern airport. 

Many travel experts recommend the Away brand ( Designed to fit inside each other for storage and featuring internal compression and laundry bags, the polycarbonate bags are minimalist, but stylish.

Take a personalised tour

When we have all waited so long to get back to the travel experiences we love, it makes sense to see the wonders of the world as personally as possible.

Booking a private guide whose experience and access privileges will enhance a trip is one way to do this. They may have a particular skillset - a trained archaeologist to take a trip around the tombs of Egypt, or an engaging teacher and entertainer for a family day out in Pompeii.

Both Tripadvisor and AirBnB offer the services of private guides, though it is important to check the reviews and recommendations. Travellers can also book these services through their hotels in many cases.

Use a travel concierge

Must-have tickets, private yacht charters and chartered flights need not be out of reach for those with an expert to call.  Private concierge services, such as Quintessentially ( ensure tailored recommendations for their members, and can make bookings that others cannot reach.

Travellers who hold an Amex Platinum card can benefit from a similar experience. The card’s little-known concierge service can use its links to achieve coveted dining reservations that are unavailable to ordinary bookers, as well as concert and theatre reservations ahead of a trip.

If travellers run into issues while they are away, the concierge service can help here as well, with rebooking flights and handling flight delay issues.