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How we can help protect your money in a market downturn

Video 17/04/18

When it comes to investing our clients' money, the most important question we're asked is "How is my money protected in a market downturn?" Watch our short explainer video to find out how we do this at AFH.

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What happens to my pension after redundancy?

Video 03/04/18

If you've been made redundant, your pension could be affected. The action you need to take will depend on the type of pension you have. Watch our short explainer video to find out more about how your redundancy could affect your retirement income.

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What are active and passive funds?

Video 13/03/18

A well-diversified portfolio should contain a mix of fund types. Watch our explainer video to learn more about active and passive fund management, and what these different investment management styles mean for your portfolio.

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Advisory Portfolio Management explained

Video 02/03/18

Our Advisory Portfolio Management service could be a suitable option if you’re looking for more control over the management of your portfolio. Find out how by watching our explainer video.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management explained

Video 02/03/18

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management service enables a fund manager to act on your behalf, implementing responses to market changes quickly. Find out if this could be the ideal service for you by watching our explainer video.

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AFH Annual Results 2017

Video 29/01/18

The Board of AFH, a leading financial planning led wealth management firm, today announces the Group's consolidated audited results for the period ending 31 October 2017 reflecting continued growth, an increase in earnings per share of 57% and a 33% increase in dividend per share.

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Alan Hudson speaks on Proactive

Video 22/01/18

Alan Hudson, chief executive of AFH Financial Group (LON:AFHP) tells Proactive's Andrew Scott they're a financial planning led wealth manager. ''Our primary role is to help people with their financial planning, and then we're a vertically integrated business so we then manage their portfolio to help them meet their financial planning objectives".

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