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Testimonials - Broadleaf Financial Services

It was the right decision for me and Broadleaf clients and secured not only mine but their financial future.

I started Broadleaf Financial Service in 1995. I ran a very successful business for over 20 years, building up a large client base, who over the years not only where clients but became friends.

In 2019 as retirement loomed it became apparent that I needed to find a likeminded company that would treat my friends as I have treated them over the years.

I looked at a considerable number of companies to sell my practice to, but each one failed to give me the reassurance that they would continue as Broadleaf had over the years.

Luckily, I met Alan Hudson. From the first meeting it became very apparent that his passion and enthusiasm had grown AFH into a market leader and a perfect home for Broadleaf clients.

The process of sale was detailed and extensive, but at the end Broadleaf became part of AFH.

John Shaw - Broadleaf Financial Services
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