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Testimonials - Judy Ward Financial Services

I was talking to Alan Hudson for two years about joining AFH. I didn’t move earlier due to a fear of the unknown, but I wish I’d have taken this step many years before. The deal was fair, it was a good move for me and my clients, I’ve reduced my overheads, become more profitable and I haven’t looked back since.

Having been in Financial Services for 50 years, I established Judy Ward Financial Services in 1986. 

Based in Edgbaston, Birmingham, I worked as an Independent Financial Adviser servicing my longstanding existing clients and referrals.  My business was built on providing a personal service to my clients, and over the years, many become my friends.

I felt it was important to have a succession plan in place, which I couldn’t do in a smaller business and in 2007 I started to consider my options and future retirement needs for myself and my clients.

Having met with Alan Hudson, I felt that AFH shared my values. The Company culture and ethos of AFH sounded attractive and I felt confident I would be able to retire at some point in the future, knowing my clients would be looked after. 

Since joining AFH in June 2009, I now focus on my long standing clients and only accept new clients via referrals.  The inhouse Discretionary offering is very competitive and leaves the investment management to other, more specialist, members of the AFH team and allows me to spend more time with my clients, the part of the job I enjoy the most. 

After 12 years I still enjoy working with the team and feel part of the AFH family. 

Judy Ward - Judy Ward Financial Services
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