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In conclusion, ‘the integrity of Alan Hudson is what I hoped for and I obtained peace of mind and financial security selecting AFH as a business partner’.

The decision to sell my business was after the culmination of over 20 years work establishing and growing it and was not as decision to be taken lightly.

Many factors needed to be considered, not just the actual price agreed; Existing clients, existing staff, own retirement plans and the need to earn an income until that time. 

This process in talking to numerous potential suitors lasted almost 18 months, when I finally met Alan Hudson.  The offer and mutual benefits were clear at our first meeting and an indicative offer followed within 48 hours.

Questions were always going to be around; What does the transition process look like, for the adviser, staff and clients.  Will income streams be protected and are any future buy-out targets realistic and ultimately achievable. On all counts my expectations have been met.

What support will be given and is the on-going relationship mutually beneficial was another consideration. The professionalism of the staff within AFH has been first rate and three years on, with greater regulatory reach, I wonder how I could have continued running my business without such support.

I can say that three years after I began my journey with AFH, the business is in better shape and my income stream is robust, having received the full first payment for the business, I am motivated to achieve the best possible second capital event, via the AFH internal market and Practice Buyout when I eventually retire.

In the competitive and fast changing world of financial services, my clients have benefited from improved reporting, more service options, innovative technology and a very professional suite of informative videos.

Mark Hughes - Mark Hughes & Associates Ltd
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