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Testimonials - MD The IFC (Services) Ltd

I chose AFH Wealth Management to look after my clients and family’s financial affairs because, from the outset, I had the trust with the CEO, Alan Hudson. He had a reputation of being fair and a man of his word… I was 100% confident that what he said would be done, would be delivered.

My clients were happy to move to AFH as they trusted me to make the right decision for them.

The Independent Financial Consultancy (Services) Ltd was a Birmingham based Financial Advice practice.  Operating as an AR of the Tenet network, with long standing client relationships, I became frustrated with jumping through the compliance hoops.

As part of my research, I spoke to other acquirers and received an offer of up to 8x’s my recurring revenue, but they only wanted my Pension and Investment business and didn’t recognise value in my elderly clients.  I had an aging client bank and a duty of care to ensure all of their future needs were met, so this deal didn’t sit comfortably with me.

I had heard of AFH from a former colleague and selling to a local business was a very important factor in my decision-making process.  In October 2020, after 35 years in the industry, I retired following a fair offer from AFH.

AFH is financially strong which appealed and has a large team of Advisers, capable of looking after my clients and enabling them all to continue to receive the financial support to reach their financial goals. Their advisers are supported by administration, Investment and technical specialists. I felt the discretionary portfolio management service would work well for some of my HNW clients, but I also liked the fact that the clients could retain the status quo if there was no clear benefit to moving their portfolios away from their existing arrangements.

Martin Parfect - MD The IFC (Services) Ltd
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