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Working Self-Employed under the AFH banner has provided me with the opportunity to eventually reduce my working days in the fullness of time. I have no intention to retire, and I am happy with how the deal has panned out for me.

If you’re looking to sell your business you need to make sure the deal is honoured. I can only say that Alan was good to his word and I have no regrets.

Hayburn Rock Group Limited based in Stourbridge, West Midlands, was Directly regulated with the FCA. Set up in 1996, we built up a successful business with a team of Self-Employed Financial Planners and a team of Mortgage and Protection Brokers.

Being the Principle of the business, I was responsible for everything from running my business to wearing a Compliance and HR hat.  I decided the time was right to get rid of the day to day hassles of running a business and focus on advising my clients. 

In 2018 I was introduced to AFH and met with Alan Hudson.  I was impressed with the company ethos, and their in-house Investment proposition. Having specialist technical support on hand, was also seen as a benefit.

I felt AFH would be a good home for our clients, Advisers and our longstanding Employees.

Financially, I could have got a better deal, but I found Alan to be straight talking, and believed that what he said would be delivered.

I guess business owners are always concerned that all financial agreements would be honoured over time, and having sold my business to AFH at the beginning of 2019, what was agreed by way of the deal and financials has been spot on.

Joining AFH has allowed me to hand off the day-to-day management of the business and the never-ending regulatory changes and demands.  Six advisers and myself joined AFH, and have been trusted to get on with the job.  In the main, clients have been very happy with AFH and with their investment performance.

Stephen Perks - Hayburn Rock Group Limited
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