• 3 Positive Reasons To Share A Financial Adviser With Your Family

    3 positive reasons to share a financial adviser with your family

    Financial decisions are not something you probably want to share. Not only are they extremely personal, but with today’s increasing number of sophisticated finance scams, it’s more important than ever to be extremely careful about who you share financial information with.

  • How To Bolster Your Pension

    How to bolster your pension and enjoy a dream retirement

    Half of Britain’s adults feel “uncomfortable” with the level of retirement savings they have, and 38% believe it’s unlikely that they’ll enjoy the lifestyle they want when they stop working. That’s according to a study featured in Professional Adviser, which also reported another worrying statistic.

  • LPA Myths

    LPA Series: Myths about Lasting Power of Attorney

    While many have heard of a Lasting Power of Attorney, there are some misconceptions about what this legal document could mean for you. As part of our series teaching you all about Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), we’re de-bunking some of the myths you may have heard.

  • Surviving An Investment Downturn

    3 positive ways to survive a volatile stock market

    It would be fair to say that 2023 has provided plenty of uncertainty for investors. Stubbornly high inflation has meant interest rates have continued to rise, and the economic uncertainty created in part by the ongoing war in Ukraine has taken its toll on the stock market.

  • Why Financial Protection Could Help Your Wealth And Your Health

    Why financial protection could help your wealth and your health

    Research by Cancer Research UK provides a startling statistic, as it reveals that one in two Britons will develop cancer at some point in their life. While being diagnosed with a serious illness can be stressful enough, the stresses can be significantly increased by financial worries if the sickness means you’re unable to work.

  • 10 Constructive Ways To Talk Money With Your Family

    10 constructive ways to talk money with your family

    News that food prices fell month-on-month for the first time in two years will be welcomed by many households across the UK. According to Sky News, food inflation, which measures the average cost of food over time, was 9.9% in September 2023, down from 11.5% the month before.

  • 3 Powerful Reasons To Create An Intergenerational Wealth Plan

    3 powerful reasons to create an intergenerational wealth plan

    Households across the UK are likely to welcome news that the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could significantly reduce or potentially abolish Inheritance Tax (IHT). The news is particularly welcome after the government decided to freeze the nil-rate band (NRB), which is the amount you’re allowed to have in your estate before IHT is charged until 2028.