• What You Need To Know If You’Re A High Earner Missing This Important Tax Relief

    What you need to know if you’re a high earner missing this important tax relief

    Many higher earners failed to claim a valuable tax rebate in recent years. That’s according to This is Money, which revealed that the unclaimed sum reached a staggering £1.3 billion between 2016 and 2021. It added that research by PensionBee also found that 75% of eligible higher-rate taxpayers and half of additional-rate taxpayers failed to claim all of the rebate owed to them by the government.

  • 3 Important Reasons To Use A Financial Adviser When Divorcing

    3 important reasons to use a financial adviser when divorcing

    After the new year celebrations, it’s a sad fact that January can bring a different kind of ‘new beginning’ for all too many Britons. Speak to any legal professional, and they’ll probably tell you that January is the month that divorce applications skyrocket. So much so that the second working Monday of the month has been dubbed ‘divorce Monday’, as it is when solicitors across the UK see a peak in applications.

  • 5 Savvy Ways To Make Your Self Assessment Stress Free

    5 savvy ways to make your self-assessment stress free

    Completing your personal self-assessment tax return can be daunting, which may mean you put it off to the last minute. That said, when you consider that the deadline for the next self-assessment is 31 January 2024, putting if off won’t be an option for much longer.

  • Another Year Of Giving Back We Announce Our Charity Of The Year For 2024

    Another year of giving back: we announce our charity of the year for 2024

    Supporting a local charity each year is something that we believe is an important part of giving back to our community. As a record-breaking year of fundraising for Birmingham Women’s Hospital Charity comes to an end, we’re delighted to announce our charity of the year for 2024: the MND Association.

  • Could The Cut To National Insurance Make You Better Off

    Could the cut to National Insurance make you better off?

    In his 2023 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced a major change to how National Insurance Contributions (NICs) will be paid from 2024. If you’re employed, a key change comes into effect on 6 January, and it could mean an estimated 27 million UK workers will be hundreds of pounds a year better off. Read on to discover more about the changes and what they might mean for you.

  • Celebrating 10 Years At AFH

    Celebrating 10 years at AFH

    On Thursday 23 November, we held our annual 10-year Christmas meal. This year, over 60 employees joined CEO, Alan Hudson, at a restaurant local to our Head Office in Bromsgrove, where they were wined, dined and of course thanked for all their hard work and dedication over the years.