• Where Next For House Prices (1)

    Where is next for house prices?

    With interest rates rising and the cost-of-living crisis squeezing everyone’s income, what is the outlook for property prices for the rest of 2023? Here’s a round up of where we are now and forecasts for the future.

  • What Last Week Rate Hike Means

    What last week’s rate hike means for you

    The Bank of England has raised interest rates again in a bid to control inflation. Rates are now at four per cent, up 0.5 percentage points and at a 14-year high. Some experts believe that rates may now rise more slowly than had previously been expected.

  • Understanding CGT

    Understanding capital gains tax

    Capital Gains Tax is levied when you dispose of an asset that you own and make a profit. The rates you pay can be quite high – up to 28 per cent of the gain you’ve made, so it is sensible to understand how it works so that you can make use of the allowances that help you to pay less of this tax, resulting in you keeping more of your gains.

  • Time To Talk About Money

    Time to talk about… Money

    Recent research shows that more than a fifth of us has mental health difficulties directly caused by money problems, while the cost-of-living crisis means that many more of us will find that money has an impact on our wellbeing. Here are some ways to help yourself and others by talking about money.

  • Self Assessment Tax Deadline 2023

    Five things to do now if you’ve not filed your tax return

    With little time to go before the Self-Assessment tax deadline, it is crucial that if you have not filed your return yet, that you get on with it to avoid a £100 penalty. Here are five tips for completing your tax return as efficiently as possible in these final days.

  • Interest Rates 2023

    What will interest rates do in 2023?

    Whether you are a saver, an investor or someone with a large mortgage (or all three), your finances will be affected by the direction of the Bank of England base rate this year. So, what are rates predicted to do in 2023, and how will it affect your money?

  • Blue Monday 2023

    Blue Monday

    On the bluest day of the year, here’s how to brighten your finances – and your mood. Instead of seeing ‘Blue Monday’ as a day to be feared, why not use the day to brighten up your finances with a few well-chosen decisions: that could improve your life for the rest of the year?

  • New Years Resolution 2023

    The New Year’s resolutions that could help your wealth

    As we make our way into 2023, many of us will be thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. But while many of us think about resolutions that will improve our health or appearance, few of us consider that making financial resolutions could have a huge impact on our wellbeing.

  • Jeremy Hunt Autumn Budget

    What will the Autumn Budget statement mean for you?

    When Jeremy Hunt stood up to deliver the much-anticipated Autumn Budget statement, he flagged the fact that he would have to take difficult decisions. He has outlined several measures that will affect all of our incomes, with many of us paying higher taxes on everything from our income to our capital gains. Here is what will change.