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Why is inheritance tax - the 'most hated tax' - so complex?

The OTS's IHT simplification review highlights a variety of issues with the current UK inheritance tax system - making it wise to review your inheritance tax planning opportunities now.

Splitting up - how to make the right financial decisions

A separation or divorce can be one of the most emotionally turbulent experiences, yet it’s also a time that requires clear-headed thinking. We look at the important areas of financial planning you may need to consider during a break-up.

What makes a good financial adviser?

The most recent Financial Lives survey conducted by the FCA revealed that only 40% of people trust financial advisers. With clients appearing to be dissatisfied with the level of service they're receiving, we look at the most important qualities a financial adviser should possess.

Monthly economic commentary: November 2018

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, explores how an increase in US government bond yields is giving way to market volatility and increased investor nervousness, in his latest economic commentary.

Why is good pension advice so hard to find?

A recent pensions study conducted by YouGov revealed that 45% of people find good pension advice hard to access. We look at the reasons for this and what can be done to help.

What are the benefits of seeking mortgage advice?

The Mortgages Market Study conducted by the FCA found that 80% of mortgages in 2016 were advised and 50% were arranged by an intermediary. We look at why so many choose to gain advice during the mortgage process rather than going it alone.

Autumn Budget predictions from our group head of advice, Austin Broad

Ahead of Budget 2019, group head of advice at AFH Wealth Management, Austin Broad, discusses his predictions, covering pensions, income tax, capital gains tax and housing.

How do we encourage millennials to see the benefits of protection?

There is very little interest amongst millennials when it comes to taking out protection policies. How can we engage with this demographic to highlight the benefits that come with having life cover?

Monthly economic commentary: October 2018

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, explores how the outcome of ongoing Brexit negotiations could impact sterling, gilts and UK equities during the coming months, in his latest commentary.

Has my adviser put me on the best platform?

Following AFH’s recent announcement to abolish platform fees, and the issues raised in the FCA's recent Investment Platforms Market Study, we're working to demystify the world of platforms. With so much competition amongst the many investment platforms on the market, we look at how you can determine if your adviser has put you on the best one possible.

Would you be financially secure if you lived beyond 100?

We're living longer, and research indicates that soon, living beyond 100 will be the norm. It may sound unreal, even impossible; but the question still stands: will you be able to afford living beyond the age of 100? Late retirement and and spiralling health and living costs all play a role in answering this question. We break it down for you here.

The importance of gifting wisely

Research shows a rise in parents gifting to their children, but the size of the gifts are dwindling. We look at what's causing this decrease, and how you can plan to gift both wisely and tax efficiently.

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