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ETFs explained

ETFs can be a great way for a portfolio to have exposure to many indices - here are some of the most important things to know about them.

Should you start a pension for your child?

When it comes to building up assets for later life, early starters have an advantage, so why not consider starting a pension for your child.

Five ways that fathers can make a financial difference

Here are five ways that fathers can help their children to get a head start in life.

Economic commentary: When will the Bank of England hike rates?

Our chief economist provides a round-up of the current state of the UK and markets and how this might affect the Bank of England’s policies.

Five ways to travel in style

Five ways travellers can inject a little style, comfort and even some luxury into their first post-pandemic trip that they have waited for so long.

Closed and open-ended funds, what is the difference?

Diversified investment funds are often described as being either open- or closed-ended. We take a closer look at the differences between the two.

What price inflation?

Economists are divided on the nature of rising prices, but here is how inflation could affect portfolios and ways to mitigate it.

Talking bout my generation

While perhaps not always the easiest subject to broach, it may be important to discuss the subject of family wealth and how to pass it on.

Economic commentary: Can the equity bull market survive tax hikes?

Our chief economist looks at how the prospect for tax hikes in the US could impact the equity bull market and which factors might mitigate.

The rise of ESG investing

Looking at the environmental and social impact of a portfolio may have gone from being relatively niche to becoming increasingly mainstream.

Why life expectancy is a financial issue

Rising life expectancy and changing views on quality of retirement may make it more important than ever to be prepared and plan ahead.

Could you be paying a high price for pension flexibility?

Pension withdrawal is more popular than ever, but unless you understand the taxation rules around it you may end up paying a high price.

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