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Value of Advice

A recent study calculated that those who took financial advice were £47,000 better off over a decade than their non-advised peers. We look at the difference financial advice can make.

Thinking of retiring abroad from the UK?

If you’re considering the possibility, it’s important to look into the effect this could have on your finances before you make the move. With careful planning, the dream can become a reality.

Monthly economic commentary: February 2020

As concerns over the outbreak of the coronavirus continue to feature in the news, should we panic? Our chief economist Colin Warren shares his thoughts on the economic impact for long-term investors.

Could you reduce your tax bill this tax year-end?

With the 2019/20 tax year-end fast approaching, now is a good time to review your tax position. We look at allowances, reliefs and possible ‘hidden’ taxes.

Monthly economic commentary: January 2020

This month our chief economist looks at the impact of tensions in the Middle East on oil prices and supplies and how this could affect global markets.

The relationship between financial advice and divorce

A shortage of family law financial advisers means people are left without the guidance and support they really need. We look at financial issues to be aware of during a divorce.

Get your finances in order with the ‘PIMPSI' rule

Joe Swanson, an independent adviser at AFH Wealth Management, looks at what you need to be thinking about when it comes to creating your financial plan.

Understanding and managing investment risk

Understanding the different types of investment risk, the impact of these risks and how risk management can help your portfolio is crucial.

Monthly economic commentary: December 2019

With 2020 fast approaching, our chief economist looks at some of the issues that could impact global financial markets during the next twelve months.

Financial planning for the 12 days of Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at the important areas of financial planning you need to be thinking about.

Monthly economic commentary: November 2019

With the UK general election looming, our chief economist looks at the key issues that could affect investors.

Is investing in gold a waste of time - and money?

We look at whether gold - often considered a safe haven investment in times of economic uncertainty - is a truly worthy investment.

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