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Podcast - What to expect when meeting an adviser

Financial advisers Karl Thorpe and Bobby Dhesi, and diary manager Louise Webb discuss what to expect from an initial adviser meeting.

Welcome to the 2019/20 tax year - here’s what’s changed

The 2019/20 tax year kicked off on 6 April 2019. We’ve summed up the most important updates to ensure you’re prepared for the new tax year.

Relevant life plans: is your business missing out?

Most people pay for life insurance on an individual basis. But, if you’re a company director, an alternative option could potentially save you thousands of pounds in insurance premiums.

Shareholder protection – what happens to my business if I die?

If you haven’t yet made a plan for what'll happen to your business in the event of the death or critical illness of a director, key shareholder or star employee, here's what you need to know.

The pensions cold-calling ban means you should act now

With the ban on pensions cold-calling, the Government is urging people to seek independent financial advice. But what does this mean if you need help with your pension?

Monthly economic commentary: July 2018

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, looks at the recent trends in the US yield curve and possible implications for the economy and financial markets, in his latest commentary.

Monthly economic commentary: June 2018

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, discusses developments that are likely to impact the Eurozone, including the Italian budget and Trump's tariffs, in his latest commentary.

Monthly economic commentary: May 2018

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, discusses the relationship between economic data and the stock market, and the recent performance of UK equities in his latest commentary.

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