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Monthly economic commentary: January 2020

This month our chief economist looks at the impact of tensions in the Middle East on oil prices and supplies and how this could affect global markets.

Get your finances in order with the ‘PIMPSI' rule

Joe Swanson, an independent adviser at AFH Wealth Management, looks at what you need to be thinking about when it comes to creating your financial plan.

Understanding and managing investment risk

Understanding the different types of investment risk, the impact of these risks and how risk management can help your portfolio is crucial.

Monthly economic commentary: December 2019

With 2020 fast approaching, our chief economist looks at some of the issues that could impact global financial markets during the next twelve months.

Financial planning for the 12 days of Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at the important areas of financial planning you need to be thinking about.

Monthly economic commentary: November 2019

With the UK general election looming, our chief economist looks at the key issues that could affect investors.

Can you grow your money with ethical investing?

Ethical investing is showing no signs of slowing down. We look at whether going green with your investments can really make you money.

Monthly economic commentary: October 2019

With the US presidential elections coming into view, our chief economist looks at what this could mean for financial markets.

Podcast - What to expect when meeting an adviser

Financial advisers Karl Thorpe and Bobby Dhesi, and diary manager Louise Webb discuss what to expect from an initial adviser meeting.

Monthly economic commentary: September 2019

With the risk of a recession looming, our chief economist looks at how equity markets could possibly move higher in the coming months.

Windfalls and inheritance - and what to do with them

Knowing what to do with a windfall or inheritance can help provide financial clarity. Speaking to an expert could help.

Funding an adult gap year

Although gap years are typically associated with teenagers or new graduates, it’s never too late to snap out of life’s routine and recharge.

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