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Economic commentary: A hint of stagflation

Our chief economist looks at the current economic position of the UK and explores how long these ‘stagflationary’ tendencies might continue.

Economic commentary - Should we be worried about 'peak growth'?

With global economies having grown sharply over the past couple of months, we explore what factors might reign in this growth trajectory.

Economic commentary: Silver linings in China’s market jitters

With the Chinese Communist Party celebrating its 100th anniversary, we take a look at China’s markets and what might be in store for the future.

Economic commentary: When will the Bank of England hike rates?

Our chief economist provides a round-up of the current state of the UK and markets and how this might affect the Bank of England’s policies.

Economic commentary: Can the equity bull market survive tax hikes?

Our chief economist looks at how the prospect for tax hikes in the US could impact the equity bull market and which factors might mitigate.

Economic commentary: Are we about to see a return to 1970s-style inflation?

Our chief economist looks at the prospects for increased inflation as well as central banks’ evolving attitudes towards inflation targets.

Economic commentary: Challenging time for bond investors

Our chief economist looks at why bond yields are rising and whether the challenging environment for fixed income investors is set to continue.

Economic commentary: Short selling and the GameStop phenomenon

A Q&A with our chief economist on the GameStop phenomenon, short selling and possible broader implications of recent market events.

Economic commentary: Democratic sweep

Joe Biden’s party now control both the upper and lower house of the US. What does this mean for economic policy and markets?

Economic commentary: What does 2021 have in store?

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, looks at some key areas that might affect markets in the coming year.

Economic commentary: Biden and vaccine offer hope of return to normal

How might the US election result and the development of a new coronavirus vaccine impact markets?

Economic commentary: UK equities

Our chief economist, Colin Warren, looks at UK equities and asks if it is time for them to play catch-up with other global markets.

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